Finders Keepers

March 6, 2010

It’s Finders Keepers Friday here in Brown Town (should have posted this yester). Following is a collection of neat treats, opportunities and events that I’ve magpied throughout the week . . .

1) Invisible Press is giving away free copies of Stacey May Fowle’s “Fear of Fighting”. SMF read at the May Vagabond Trust reading at Gallery 1313. Download her latest!

2)  This week was the last week to see Yuula’s Benivolski’s “Migrant Creatures” at Les Territoires in Montreal. Yuula’s recent work was largely influenced and developed by time on the Toronto Islands, at the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts. GCPA = home for writers and artists in migration. I can’t wait to make my way back there. Finders Keepers Yuula. She was also the most recent visual artist to collaborate with The Vagabond Trust as our Artist of the Month:

3) BSS. You can get a FREE! MP3 here. Stuart Berman of “This Book is Broken” fame, also read in the Vagabond Trust Reading Series. Toot toot!

Looks like the 20/10 Olympic Island concert is a go, and a pretty sweet lineup too . . . PAVEMENT! (BADCO represent), Timber Timbre! Zeus! The Beauties!

Buy a ticket rascals!! You can sleep over in my writers studio . . .

4) I’m a vegan. Sort Of. Living in Nunavut for a bit introduced fish back into my diet. So now sometimes I eat fish, but I’m really picky about it. I use the Suzuki method . . .I guess this makes me a pescatarian, but it’s so rare I want to say it doesn’t count. Am I going to get turfed from the eco-feminist radical cheerleaders? Operators are standing by . . .

5) I’m gluten-free. I love this story. I came across it this week. Joyland is a great site.

6) If you live in Toronto, mark this in your calendars!

The Darlings at Canadian Music Week . . . The Silver Dollar Room. Saturday March 13.

SUE CHENETTE!! is reading from her new book, Slender Human Weight, at the Art Bar poetry series, on Tuesday April 6 with Patricia Young and Priscilla Uppal. At Clinton’s, 8:00 PM!

HOT CHIP!! THE XX!! If you don’t have a ticket, you’re insane . . . April 20. They’re sold out.

Song of the day(s) . . . .

The Book is a polyseme,



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