The inventing part of

March 19, 2011

Frantic back tracking to relay the whole story of how the story goes. The story goes . . .

There were words and they were laid out in sentences that lined up laid out lines: were the(y) words there? Or story as holes relaying the tracking back frantic?

There’s nothing frantic about a Steinway. Language’s trip tricker ticked slick. Steady. Solidgrace.

Keying snow to swatch switch flickerpath quick, a mild descent to rend the final cut. With pro the work goes to sines and Xs, Ys

Trip quicker, no lollygagging – this is the schoolhouse call in from recess, the national grant deadline, the time to sign on the dotted line. We leapt and the way the pier laked midnight the shore recalled no chord and so we buried our afternoon.

And how now I miss those afternoons . . .


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