Home: I want to be

March 30, 2011

City city bang bang:

Hot spring _____ ?

Uh oh Deer eyes. No sunset on the beach for us pataGrads.

Spun spring, dizzy steady, heavy weather ahead of us bowls our underovers, y’us cats rooting for slow mo strongholds with the mystic muck. We vote for the glory of sunset over the necessary pressing of our itinerary.

Books booked buckmudwicked. Time for a picnic before the tow, in the bowels of the beast.

Hitch up the axle for a below the belt tow . . . enh. Rats!

But we’ll kick mud’s ass:

Kelowna or Rust, bound for Word Ruckus.

What’s all th’ fuss? Connect the musts: so good to bust out of CarCity and get down to poetic nitty gritty with folks one province over.

We all just want to be feelin’ like we’re home tonight, and in Kelowna it sho’ felt like that home was right.

We’re all a long way from wanting to come back.

If only we could believe in Spring.


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