All the ghosts are wholves

September 24, 2011

A list of things I miss –

1) Nostalgia re-purposed.

2) Making calls to the past –

Direct Line to David Suzuki

Hoping someone picks up.

3) Crossing the body of reminding us of what we are in knot

Moving On on the Ongiara

knowing, in what we are. Remembering the way the record on repeat on the hi-fi made the twilight hum.

4) The answer in the marrow narrowing the after moon to hide and go seek

Over the railing

tag in the woods, tag between the lines.

5) Reverse delay. Sometimes it hurts so badly I must cry out loud.

Hind sight haunched

I carved and hollowed our hind days. What we voted on in the past is what we are not now, knots knowing how to tear our selves away from the map of the key to the suite of swallowing compassion.

6) I’ve got an answer. How about flight?

Ring around the noonlight

This does not mean I don’t love the land I left, I do. That eyeland is for always.

I’ve got your listening. And you make it what have you got to sparrow.


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